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sweet innocent love, where both gave their lives for one another. Really lovely read. It'd be great if there's a sequel in the future for when Mizuki really becomes a doctor. I highly recommend this book!
premises is great but just lacking the ending.. it felt really rushed :( wish there's a volume two
a simple slow start with the storyline but ended really quickly too. the build up was great with some tension in most parts of the story. there's a noncon scene but you can kinda write it off after because both MCs like each other
It's illegal to have it so short!!! This story is so good?! Heartwarming, healing and everything. I would really want to see more of their relationship... just when it got so good.. ahhh <3 bliss
I'm a sucker for Sensei's beefy uke. This is one of the stories that made me form tears to my eyes. It's really good with a great plot and background. Loving that childhood backstory!!
Lots of cat ikeman here. You get your standard beefy cakes as the ukes which personally I like it. who doesn't like beefy ukes? Their moobs are good to look at *coughs* anws if you love watching your catmen mating and seeing little kittens grow up eventually and build a family/district. This is your book.
I love my big chest uke. It's so good. The colleagues, rivalry to lovers plot it's perfect. They still maintain professionalism and are all over each other with their *cough* kinks to do certain acts in certain places. I 100% recommend you pick this up if you love rivarls to lovers.
It's one of the most healthy threesomes out there that will be the first story and the bonus story!The second story is a pole dancer boy that falls for his bodyguard/bouncer. The entire volume is so yummy
Can you be my little brother's lover? After Midori heard this from his crush, his heart shattered from being all exclusive with him. But as time goes by the "pretend love" developed into something really warm and fuzzy. Like the two brother's mom, I'm exactly like her. I'm a fan of the ukes.Oh yes there's 2 stories in it, both brothers get their happy ending !!!
they are the absolute power couple. How they fall for each other is *chef kiss* this can't go unnoticeable. you've got to pick this up and read it and digest it and absorb all that fluff this story got to give you.