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bunnyboy Rating
Great addition to Chidori Sakuraba's Voice series. This volume focuses primarily on Kazumi/Takafumi, who were introduced in the first volume, but also includes chapters for Wataru/Norihisa and Mizushima/Inaba. This series has a good balance of story/character development and sexy times. The artwork is very nice and fits the stories well. The characters' facial expressions and body language are spot-on. I love how some of the characters use their seiyuu skills to excite their partners - so cute! It's nice to see a longer BL series licensed in the US, and I can't wait to meet new seiyuu couples in future volumes.
Ellyvatar Rating
This is my favorite so far in the series. Takafumi and Kazumi are my favorite couple. Love all the fluffies!!
nana9353 Rating
This is the sequel of Worship my voice and like the prequel, this is a very nice mangas to read. The art is beautiful and the stories are still super cute and fluffy. I don't regret my purchase!
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