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Nothing new story-wise, but Honey Devil is an easy, enjoyable read. This mangaka's art is consistent and cute, and matches the stories she tells. The story & character development are a little weak, but I'm guessing this is addressed in the many sequel volumes (see Amorous Devil). I liked that the entire volume was all about the MCs. However, I'm very annoyed that many images are cut off toward the middle (where the book crease would be), particularly the two-page spreads, which don't match up cleanly throughout the entire volume. This, combined with some awkward translation in places, gives this manga an unprofessional & unpolished feel, which left me disappointed, and unsure whether to continue with the series. 3.5* for the manga itself, but 2.5* for the production value of this English release.
I really like Unexpected Love Serendipity. The first two couples are loosely related. The first story was a short, but fun look at a long-time couple in a rut. The second (my favorite) story about two co-workers was the best. There was a good mix of humor and sex - I will definitely re-read their chapters again. I love how these co-workers interact before they become a couple and how they are in the office after they get together. The third story was about an opposites attract couple who attend the same school - not really my thing, but not bad, by any means. Overall, the artwork is great and consistent, and matches the stories well. I hope we see more fun and sexy stories about grown-ups from this mangaka.
Great addition to Chidori Sakuraba's Voice series. This volume focuses primarily on Kazumi/Takafumi, who were introduced in the first volume, but also includes chapters for Wataru/Norihisa and Mizushima/Inaba. This series has a good balance of story/character development and sexy times. The artwork is very nice and fits the stories well. The characters' facial expressions and body language are spot-on. I love how some of the characters use their seiyuu skills to excite their partners - so cute! It's nice to see a longer BL series licensed in the US, and I can't wait to meet new seiyuu couples in future volumes.
So much wasted potential. The premise of the main story sounded fun, but this manga quickly starts out with non-con/sex as punishment, and never recovered from there. 50 pages of the manga are devoted to the 12-part "Kijima's Kinky Lectures in Lust." This portion of the manga was uninteresting and came across as indulgent and unnecessary filler (maybe it would've worked in small doses); while the main story, which felt truncated and rushed, desperately needed those pages to flesh out the story and characters. Even on sale, the Unlimited price feels slightly too high given that the main story and one-shots only contribute 160 pages of the 210 page count. Pluses include pretty artwork, seiyuu characters (a personal bias), and the Pure Perverted Uppers one-shot (a cute short, which loses a few points for the coercion/blackmail angle). This title felt like an ikemen with a bad personality - it looked good, but was ultimately disappointing and unsatisfying.
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