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Weeb4Life Rating
I about died reading this, it's just the perfect blend of feelgood and funny. If you're looking for a serious, love-centric story, then this isn't for you. This manga is exploding with charm, humour, interesting and likeable characters, a good pace and a well developed plot, it's a ton of fun to read and highly entertaining from start to finish, I never knew what to expect! The leads are wonderful and click so well together, they both have strong, fleshed out (and opposing!) personalities and there's never a dull moment when they're together. The kid is the best Hq child I've ever seen; while those of his trope very rarely have any personality trait beyond "cute", he's just as well developed and interesting as the leads and is just as much a main character as them. The great-aunt is also a surprising dark horse; after barely a mention at the start, she suddenly appears later on and bulldozes her way through the plot! The romance isn't the focus but it's still there and it's very sweet.
scerazade90 Rating
It's noisy. A story is not very.
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