User Reviews For: A Chubby Girlfriend and Her Sweet-Toothed Boyfriend -Soft, Syrupy Exercise With You-


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kitro Rating
The main story is super cute (and I love the chubby love!) and the couple are perfect, it's a fun and sexy little story. The others are good too, but I'm happy with the first story well.enough the others are just fun bonuses.
KinkyWaffle Rating
The art is GORGEOUS, as a plus, this is very obviously a serialized mangaka. But...The plots and intimate scenes are ridiculously rushed. The assault in the second story was also just so weird and out of place, and already 1 page later she is kissing her bf. Just made me very uncomfortable. Hiring an escort for your family member is also very incesty imo. I liked the story about the chubby girl and her sweets-loving bf most, though their attitude about her not being as attractive to other people when she was like...15lbs heavier was pretty rude, but made sense for a Japanese publication... Not happy I paid $8 but I did like most of it.
ebookrenta0uf5ojfzy Rating
Pretty good.
spookymochi Rating
Loved these stories! All of them are really cute and the art style is really well done. I hope the author creates more content about the last couple!
goob Rating
So worth it! There are multiple plots so its nice to see the different stories. The storylines are well thought out. The author's comments show the thought and care put into theses stories
Ladyseoa Rating
Well worth the purchase - I was only expecting 1 story. The author has different themes in each of the stories which was a nice touch. I want to find more work by Mika.Exactly the type of content that I was looking for without the female lead suffering from unfortunate events. The second story plot was a little too corny for me but the interactions between the main characters is really cute and natural! The art was great as well. Would highly recommend - it put it in a happier and hopeful mode after reading.
usarei Rating
Extremely adorable, some parts of the stories are really relatable (at least for me), I love how the story flow is, not too rush nor too slow, the characters are well drawn too!
sammy86067 Rating
This work has great art and all the stories are equally adorable. I find all the love interests to be really hot, nothing is too drama heavy and the plots are fluffy/cute!
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