User Reviews For: Lady Folbroke's Delicious Deception


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Guest Rating
It's a lovely manga, definitely recommend renting it if you like the artist, the story will surely make you laugh.
Weeb4Life Rating
I have no idea what the previous reviewer found funny about this manga, because, apart from the free preview, I found absolutely nothing humorous about this at all. Sure the art is pretty, but the characters aren't particularly likeable (except the servant, Hendricks) and the actual plot is ludicrous: abandoned wife needs to get pregnant to avoid idiot cousin-in-law getting her lands, so she goes looking for her husband, finds out he's gone blind and doesn't recognise her, so she pretends to be a mistress to seduce him. There's just so much wrong with this nonsense I don't know where to begin. The guy is just... such a pathetic, cowardly moron, how can anyone like him, let alone love him?! He's a deadbeat loser who uses his disability to justify being a deadbeat loser. In all seriousness, the girl should've given up on him years ago when he first left her, and married Hendricks who's a much better man in every way. I mean even their kids prefer him! So disappointed, I regret renting it
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