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Weeb4Life Rating
That was delightful! The romance is very slow burn, but that allows it to properly develop and at a good pace, it doesn't feel rushed at all. The female lead, Sarah, is kind, polite, level-headed and independent, she has a healthy amount of pride and dignity and doesn't go gaga over a handsome man. She recognises her feelings for the professor but realises how unlikely a relationship with him would be, so she tries to keep her distance from him to maintain her self-respect, which I really admire. I'm glad her world doesn't revolve around him, unlike most Hq girls! The professor (forgot his name because Sarah only ever calls him professor) is grumpy and surly, he's arrogant and demanding, but he's not a shallow playboy and he's very devoted to his family. Getting to see his kind and loving side (which he only shows to his loved ones) is what makes him so likable. These two are so incredibly stubborn, but their chemistry is wonderful and their love feels genuine. Definite recommend!
syudsama Rating
i love this story. love the characters and the storyline.
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