User Reviews For: An Innocent Puppy Meets a Two-Faced Cat [VertiComix]


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maidoftoast Rating
LOVED THIS TITLE. It was not too much angst, very cute characters, and also SO cute and fluffy. Made me feel so warm and happy. I really love how opposite the two main characters are, and yet the chemistry between the characters is so good!
dreamxveater Rating
This is so cute!! I love it
Blossomsong Rating
I'm really enjoying the story so far. The young guy is just super boisterous and cute while totally throwing off the uncomplicated rhythm the older one has set up for himself. I'm looking forward to seeing how these walls break down and how they develop romantically! Great read.
kawaiiusagi1111 Rating
This is honestly my favorite title that I've purchased on Renta. Naohito And Tohru are super adorable characterss - like the kind that has you wishing for a good ending for them. It'll leave you in a good mood at the end. This is my second time buying this story - I bought the original b&w release on Renta and jumped on the colored verticomix format because I love this title so much.I really really hope Niyama revisits this couple in another dedicated story! Seeing Naohito and Tohru as side characters in Dearest Cop makes me want to read more about them again!!
Fairyfluff Rating
Honestly, same. Naohito is super relatable for me.
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