User Reviews For: An Innocent Puppy Meets a Two-Faced Cat [VertiComix]


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maidoftoast Rating
LOVED THIS TITLE. It was not too much angst, very cute characters, and also SO cute and fluffy. Made me feel so warm and happy. I really love how opposite the two main characters are, and yet the chemistry between the characters is so good!
lil420 Rating
Really love the story even if the chapters are short! But it's so sweet to see them fall in love
kawaiiusagi1111 Rating
This is honestly my favorite title that I've purchased on Renta. Naohito And Tohru are super adorable characterss - like the kind that has you wishing for a good ending for them. It'll leave you in a good mood at the end. This is my second time buying this story - I bought the original b&w release on Renta and jumped on the colored verticomix format because I love this title so much.I really really hope Niyama revisits this couple in another dedicated story! Seeing Naohito and Tohru as side characters in Dearest Cop makes me want to read more about them again!!
Dftbashleigh Rating
Renta really got their advertisements right.... I saw this advertised while on one of my many other apps and planned to read it, then today I thought screw it, I'll buy it. I really enjoyed it. It was cute and funny. Would reccomend.
Jelibelli Rating
This is actually kind of adorable! Wish it was longer so the characters and story could grow more, but if you want to read something sweet, this is it.
markodarko Rating
Love this one and the attached story about the cop and retired cop! Super cute. Just kinda wish they were a little sexier. Not exactly tame, but as a bara reader it leaves me hanging a little. :3
elfmermaid Rating
So cute! I love the dynamic of energetic younger guy with pouty older guy ?? And their relationship feels so realistic and mature - as well as their fears and reservations - made it relatable. Also the drawing style is gorgeous and sexy too. Loved it!
Kitty55472745 Rating
Absolutely adorable! This couple is adorable and too cute. There's little angst and the good friend side character is hilarious. The smut is good. Would have liked a better ending but the ending was okay in a funny way.
KawaiiNeko Rating
This was such a great story! ^__^The artwork is amazing and even in color! I really liked the main characters and the pacing of their love forming. Usually some yaoi manga will be too faced paced and barely of a story. Though this story is pretty simple it's really adorable. I just wish there were more chapters! ^__^
BlockBVillains Rating
Very cute. Love the art style. So much fluff and feels for both characters.
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