maidoftoast's Reviews & Ratings

Very cute, refreshing stories!! They're short but still feel complete and give you warm feelings... Read this if you just want wholesome content. I'm glad there's extras because I wouldn't feel the same if there weren't any.
3 chapters in, the characters seem to be developing feelings for each other and I wonder how it will go.. So far it's nothing special, but it's cute and has pretty art so I'm enjoying it
A veeeeery simple and heart-warming story.. I seriously love all of Fumikawa Jimi's works (Can we please have more on here?)!! An amazing read if you're looking for something short and sweet! Will definitely be re-reading hehe
LOVED THIS TITLE. It was not too much angst, very cute characters, and also SO cute and fluffy. Made me feel so warm and happy. I really love how opposite the two main characters are, and yet the chemistry between the characters is so good!
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