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Weeb4Life Rating
This story felt a lot shorter than it actually is, owing to the fast pace and dynamic characters. It's rushed, but that actually feels appropriate here. Katie's dream is to be a great wife and mother, but she's never had a boyfriend (so has given up on love)and her family suffers from early menopause, so she's desperate to get pregnant asap. But in this tiny town the only available bachelor is Jeremiah, an ex-marine who just moved there. Good thing he's her soulmate! This story is very heavy on the comedy, from the art's exaggerated expressions, to the crazy, vibrant characters (Katie in particular is a bit of a hot mess!), to the ridiculous scenarios the leads often find themselves in. The plot may be very simple (girl and boy have sex to make a baby but fall in love in the process), but the characters and tone bring it to life and make this an interesting and enjoyable read.
AOmanga Rating
Kind of boring
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