User Reviews For: Life with My Roomie -He Turned into a Beast at 3 A.M.-


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oynaka Rating
I really like this manga!! They are very lovely couple. Thank you for translate to English!!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is not what I was expecting at all! I know love knows no bounds and gender is fluid, but umm this takes kissing cousins to a whole other level. Emi and Kiichi are really cute together and get along like two peas in a pod, but what in the world? How are they going to go from drunken make out session for comfort to awkwardly uncomfortable morning after to a romantic couple? Art is good and I like the characters, but unsure about how this is all going to go down.
Astrallove96 Rating
Never thought the hottest scenes would be between a gay guy and a girl. WOAH. LIKE. WOAH. <3
gabi123577 Rating
A really lovely manga. Damnit!!! I need more stories about this aspect in general. Come on! Gay boys can love woman sometimes and still be gay!
blowkia Rating
I like that sexuality here is seen more fluid and how much of a pervert both of them are lol. Great story so far.
kimmy14 Rating
I like the fact that Kiichi takes time for Emi to feel comfortable around him in a sexual manner as this relationship is still new for the both of them. And the fact that they both are always looking out for one another and understand each other so well.
ebookrenta0tg8z2ol2 Rating
The main couple is adorable and the ml is not a traditional male lead which makes it interesting to read. Recommenc
some1ders13 Rating
This is way more hot than I was expecting. It's a unique premise and both of the leads are likeable. Emi in particular isn't meek or afraid to go after what she wants, which is so refreshing for this genre. Can't wait to see more!
Alix Rating
I've never read any other manga with a couple like this, and I've read very few mangas that are so sensitive and nuanced in depicting gender and sexuality. Both lead characters are fully developed individuals, not cliches or tropes, with deep inner lives and complicated sexualities and gender identity. That's not to say that the smut isn't hot, but it's the beautiful exploration of both of their identities, separately and together, that makes this romance so sweet and compelling. Maybe my favourite manga in the whole world.The fact that they're first cousins doesn't bother me because first cousin marriage has been practiced all over the world in many cultures. But I kind of wish they weren't cousins just so more people would give this a chance.
wikileaks Rating
Enjoying this so far, its an interesting take on loving someone for them as a person and not related to what they are sexually.