User Reviews For: The Taming of Xander Sterne The Twin Tycoons II


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Ven1284 Rating
This was so amazing and so beautiful. I loved every moment of it. :-D
Weeb4Life Rating
I hate how selfish Sam is, she spends most of the story pushing Xander away when he's always kind to her and Daisy, she keeps comparing him to her scumbag ex because he's uncomfortable being around a little kid who knocked him over the moment she arrived (on top of him being a bachelor with no experience with kids AND a broken leg), she jumped into marriage with her ex despite never getting to know him and now refuses to ever fall in love (instead, you know, actually getting to know the guy you like!) and never once considers Xander's feelings (both for her AND for Daisy). The two have no meaningful conversations or interactions except for the once near the end, where they exposit their sob stories. I also hate how Xander obsesses over controlling his temper, despite NEVER showing us ANY evidence of any temper and despite his brother always telling him he doesn't have one (obviously he only believes that once SAM says it). He also instantly solves Sam's problems because she can't.
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