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Weeb4Life Rating
Sweet, simple, emotional, heartwarming fluff. Peter is socially awkward and very bad at expressing his emotions, just like his son and late father, while Merry is sociable, friendly and upbeat, but both of them are prisoners of a past they can't let go (Peter's dead wife and the son Merry was forced to give up) which leaves them feeling undeserving of happiness. Everyone's problems could've been solved quickly if they'd all just properly talked things over, but each of them has very valid and understandable reasons for why they can't open up fully to the other and no one person is to blame. It also fits with the message that magic is real, but it's people who make their own magic. The ending was a little cheesy and rushed, but it's touching and satisfying all the same.
Ven1284 Rating
This was really good. I loved it. :-)
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