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Mrsmangame123 Rating
3.5 stars. I don't like that in novels the frumpy gal is always portrayed as thinking she's better than everybody else and that it's other people's job to notice how awesome they really are. Pssst, please. You have to make the effort. This was written in the 80s and it shows. From the pathetic woman to the melancholy lead male who can't move on from his deceased wife, but still sleeps around (kinda implied). Art is gorgeous, but story is outdated. Glad I just rented it cuz I won't be rereading this one again.
Roxnn2000 Rating
I've always liked this story. I read the original novel awhile back and was excited to see it here. It was written in the 80s so it is a bit outdated, but the story overall is very sweet. Kenna is in love with Denny, but he never noticed her and starts dating Margo. Danny's older brother, Regan, convinced Kenna to pretend to date him and gives her a makeover in order to get Denny's attention. However, things do not go according to plan. It is a sweet story and one of my favorites.
Nosnah001 Rating
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