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ohmybunni Rating
I'll give it 4 stars for the art. It's not my favorite. They story is pretty good. Not as much smut as I expected then again, I read a lot of smut. I couldn't use less. Characters are interesting. This story does move the relationship a little fast emotionally. I'm only on the 2nd one and their already saying I love you.
aaliyah01 Rating
Definitely a must read. It's a really cute little story.
Pinkythepig Rating
I enjoyed the hot and steamy wrestling from the ring to the bed. I would recommend this to a lot of people.
wafflellover Rating
The story was as expected but I really liked the art style. Overall it was a good read. ^^
SweetToSweet Rating
I loved the chemistry between the characters. The story and characters aren't as fleshed out as I would have liked but pretty typical for a series with so few volumes. What really makes this a standout series to me is the fact that the leads aee mutually attracted to eachother and both take an active role in the relationship and sex. They're both into it as opposed to a lot of series where the girl starts out averse the idea of having sex with the male lead (which honestly makes me so uncomfortable.)This is a great example of a femalr who wants sex and it makes the whole thing a lot hotter.
Jiminsabs Rating
Fun short story helps pass the time!
Nonyabiz Rating
Good storyline- lead is Hot!
Sahobatobi Rating
The attraction between the characters is nice and spicy - both sweet and hot. The story has good artwork and pacing. Although I would love to read more, I am glad the story is complete in 3 volumes. You get the satisfaction of a romance without it dragging. And the love scenes are good and steamy. I frequently reread this story
theakaneko Rating
A bit too short but I really enjoyed this. The heroine doesn't seem to have much character depth, unfortunate, but the hero is really hot and the story has interesting moments.
Guest Rating
I thought this was a cute love story.
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