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What a sweet story.My biggest concern is that there are so many unanswered questions and parts, even though it is complete. The whole story is pretty rushed.However, I love that the couple are a good fit for each other, the story is very good and interesting, and that there is a happy ending.
These two dont seem like they would be a good pair, but it strangely works for them. I am not terribly thrilled he doesn't stop when she tells him to, and there are still (25 volumes in) lots of plot threads that I'm worried wont get solved by the end, but as a whole I am enjoying it.
Awwww, I love this <3 especially after The Red String of Fate, seeing Kaoru's struggles being soothed by Hara's love was amazing. Def want more of this world!
This has an interesting premise, and I wish there was more. The way it ends feels like there should be. The lettering can be a little hard to read and follow at times, but over all it is a good story with characters you like.
... that was it? That is the end? It started really strong in volume one and was still moving. What happens next?! I enjoyed it enough to have spent the points, but what an unsatisfying "complete" notification.
Wow. Just wow. This is a take that is rarely seen and usually not that well pulled off. But it is here. I wish we could have seen a little more of their after life as well as seen what happens with yuma's friends. But over all a fun story and well done.
Aww! This couple is so cute, and it is something so rarely seen (tall girl x short guy). The story is really fun and interesting with great pacing, and I loved seeing what unusual challenges this couple got to have. So glad I got this ? I am a little sad it is over; wish we could spend more time with them.
Oh my! Between the meat puns, the innuendoes, how delicious all the "meating" foods sound, this was a great series. Hot and steamy in several ways, and a ton of fun to read! And our couple are adorbs together!
The art is good, the story is... a little weird. For the most part, you can easily forget that the older brother, Maki, is supposed to be 6 and just go with "amnesia-ed into an innocent girl since her Dad and other brother insist on treating her as such". I enjoyed it and would love to see the proposed sequel come to fruition, as well as seeing snippets of this couple's future.
I really enjoy this one. It ties in to their other work too. The art is good, the stories are pretty nice... second story doesn't seem finished although the series is labeled complete, which is a bummer. Overall 4/5 stars
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