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I really enjoy this one. It ties in to their other work too. The art is good, the stories are pretty nice... second story doesn't seem finished although the series is labeled complete, which is a bummer. Overall 4/5 stars
It's ok... can be a little hard to follow exactly what it's going on, moves fast, leaves many questions even after completed... but not bad. Had potential and filled some of it. Wish was longer so could allow for more actual development.
Omg so sweet! The couple is cute, all the characters are amazing, the pacing was perfect, and the happily ever after is Everything <3
Wow, what a ride! A fun concept, well executed, very hot! Glad I bought it!
It's cute but very short. Interesting concept, left questions upon ending.
This series is wonderful. It is sweet and exciting and dramatic and tense and I am so glad to have read it.
This made me so happy. Two lonely people with the weight of expectations to lead on them, bound by flowers and a mirror. It was an unusual story, very romantic, and i loved it. So worth the read!
I love this couple. It feels so great to read the beginning of their love story - the sequel is one of my favorites. <3
All the couple's in the stories in this book are so adorable. Such sweet and cute <3 loved them all
Omg these stories are super cute! The title story is 3 parts of the whole thing, and the separate story is fun as well. Happily ever afters with the barest hint of toward the supernatural. Very much enjoyed this and putting on my reread and recommendation lists.
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