User Reviews For: Hey, Bro, I Want to Be Your First.


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
The art style is cute and fluffy, but the story is anything but that. Umm, it doesn't clarify if they're stepbrothers or blood related. But the younger brother sure did wear his big brother down. The flow of this story wasn't all that great. It might of gotten axed before the mangaka could get to story just right. A shame because taboo stories are great, but this missed the mark a bit.
squarechestnut Rating
I was disappointed. If there ever was love in this story, I didn't feel it. Their likings to each other have no substance, and not only that, it had non-consensual sex twice! Their role reversal didn't help much either. Futaba totally give off a bottom aura but he's surprisingly the top in here, which I had a hard time to accept. If only it was able to show me the reason why they really like each other, I would have given it another star, but no. I think the story was a bit rushed.
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