User Reviews For: I'll Be Gay! Body Switcharoo [VertiComix]


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Airricca28 Rating
Love this series! It is mostly drama free, and a lot of fun. Overall, it is really cute. I love how the two come together!
TheBunniekins Rating
This manga may not be for everyone because of it's dark sense of humor, but I greatly enjoyed it. The dynamic of the two main guys is contrasting and hilarious. I laughed out loud from the brilliant combinations of dialogue with the artwork. Truthfully I'd love to see a sequel. <3Also, the artwork for this series is wonderful and totally my taste, the line work is nice & sharp while the coloring really pops. I adore the chibi and comedic moments as well.
spadina Rating
Strong point of this work is dialogues. Weakpoints are anathomy, facial expressions ( sometimes too weird) and sex scenes (too long). Read it if you like bakacouples.
Selo Rating
Nice story and funny, the swaping thing is used in an interesting way. Like the art too.
Lvnmaui Rating
Fun read!Great to see two completely different personalities coming together trying to make something work.Looking forward to chapter 5 (Renta vol 8)!!
nella4444 Rating
Very interesting storyline. The main characters have very different but somehow complimentary personalities. It makes for very funny interactions between the two. Cute read~
ThorneOfARoseBush Rating
My gods, I love this comic so much. ? I don't rlly have words to describe my feelings, but this is definitely worth it.
Flutterby Rating
The two main characters are quite endearing and their love story is soft.
Weissmann Rating
It's too fucking cute.
RavenTao Rating
Super cute! I loved it to pieces!
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