User Reviews For: I'll Be Gay! Body Switcharoo [VertiComix]


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Lvnmaui Rating
Fun read!Great to see two completely different personalities coming together trying to make something work.Looking forward to chapter 5 (Renta vol 8)!!
beefly Rating
Cutest story and sexy
Airricca28 Rating
Love this series! It is mostly drama free, and a lot of fun. Overall, it is really cute. I love how the two come together!
spadina Rating
Strong point of this work is dialogues. Weakpoints are anathomy, facial expressions ( sometimes too weird) and sex scenes (too long). Read it if you like bakacouples.
amoremortefin Rating
This is a fun read. One very energetic and one docile character brings lots of amusing moments.
nella4444 Rating
Very interesting storyline. The main characters have very different but somehow complimentary personalities. It makes for very funny interactions between the two. Cute read~
CRUSH Rating
This is pure silly fun! Over the top, it genuinely had me laughing in a few places and surprisingly honest about how little things can set off a person's suicidal tendencies. I find myself cheering them on with every page!
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