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Weeb4Life Rating
A confusing mess of a story with bland, childish leads whose relationship felt incredibly shallow. So much doesn't make sense! How long were they dating before their breakup? Not long from what I can tell yet they never really get to know each other later either. When did Mario break up with Tania? They seem to say it was the very day he planned to propose to Natasha, which would mean he really WAS cheating on her, yet we're also told he did it before dating her, so, bu- wut??. And Jensen was built up so heavily to be a huge threat to the leads but near the end he's so easily and simply dealt with, it's so anti-climactic why was this such a big issue?! And why are the leads constantly focusing on stupid crap, why do they keep arguing then act like friends, only to argue again, and why do neither admit their mistakes?! And that's not all! There's so much more wrong, especially everything to do with Romeo & Juliet, it's so stupid, did they even read the play?! Urgh this is such a mess!
kali86 Rating
The art is pretty & that alone makes it worth reading