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Weeb4Life Rating
The story was sweet and the ending left me warm and fuzzy, though that's mostly because I was happy for the h. The h is really gentle (except if you humiliate her!), kind, pure-hearted and honest, she's so adorable I wish she would punch jerks more often (there were certainly plenty here who deserved it). The H is... kind of an a-hole really, and a huge hypocrite, though he does ofc have some redeeming qualities (probably...). The grandfather is very interesting and the reason behind his wish for the MCs to marry is definitely the most intriguing element of this otherwise clich辿 plot. My main gripe is that the pacing is terrible. The MCs fall in love almost instantly, all without a believable reason, but don't reveal that, and then spend the next 6 months avoiding each other and barely interacting (all while being "married" and living together)! That's ridiculous! That timespan would have been much better used to build up the romance instead of being a vacuum of nothing! Such a waste.
Miranda Rating
I love it
mrzero Rating
wow it was really unexpected reason why the old man choose her i really love it
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