User Reviews For: The Quiet Life of a Professor and His Butler


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funbrillo Rating
These are two adorable stories. Haruki the Butler is so adorable behind that expressionless face. There is actually a volume 2 for the Butler and Professor story and I can't wait!!!
DragonChaos Rating
Wholesome and well written! The characters are likable and and the actions they took made sense for their character from beginning to end. When they confirm their feelings for each other it's very sweet and heartwarming that it makes you feel joyful which (in my opinion is not that common with the manga I have read) so this was a breath of fresh air.
nr34547 Rating
I really enjoyed these 2 stories. Love the artwork! Hoping to see the second part of this come out on Renta soon and see more by this author.
Manga2018 Rating
Love this Manga. The art, the story, everything! Reread it a lot
empath1 Rating
Cuter than my expectations!
ebookrenta0a03guafh Rating
Ahh so beautiful!!!
brixenne Rating
A really sweet follow-up to Vol 1! It's cute to see the different sides of both the characters and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when there's such affection between them! If you've read Vol 1, you really must get this Vol 2 too!
JunkAnime Rating
Great story and beautiful art. Reread. Lots.
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