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I just finished the second volume. I have not re-read the first one but am giving this 5 stars. The second volume was all about them and shows a really nice development in their relationship as the story continues. Based on the end notes, it looks like there will be more volumes so I think this series will get better and better as the story is told. I have really enjoyed this series so far.
Just for the first story (shown on the cover) I have to give it 5 stars. I wish the whole book had been this couple. I just love those types of stories. The other stories were fine too but I just loved that one so much I have been rereading it over and over.
Yes!!! I have been waiting for this series to be available in English. It is such a good series and the couple start out in a questionable way but quickly move into a cutesy loving couple. The series shows the development of their relationship and I think it is low on drama. Just focused on them through the years. It is really worth the purchase.
This one is so good. I love it. It is a spin-off of When the Snow Thaws. I like this one the best and it was so touching. It was also a slow burn where the friend with the unrequited love and the man he meets take their time and heal each other as they slowly fall in love. It was amazing and I am so glad I got it. You also get a small check-in with the teacher/student couple from the previous book.
OMG too cute. I love the way this mangaka draws. The characters are cute and funny. There are no smutty scenes and they would not fit in this story. I do wish we got to see a bit more of them dating but it is such an enjoyable read and so cute and funny. It is perfect the way it is.
I love this mangaka! I was so excited to see it translated into English. I highly recommend anything by Enzo. I enjoyed all the stories. The ones set in the
This is so cute and fun. The characters are all very likable. A little bit of fantasy mixed in. It is obviously the first in a series. Also, I think you can pretty much figure out two other couples to be that are hopefully written about later. There are no sex scenes so don't expect that.
This was such a cute story. I wish there had been an extra to it just showing them going on a date or something but it was really a great story. I thought from the cover the uke was a slutty uke but he was super cute and innocent actually. It is worth buying. I would read this again and again.
I love this story! I am so glad it was finally translated. It is a sweet love story between one of the last remaining Japanese wolf half beast's and a gay human. I actually would like to have a story about Iori's f*ck buddy and his new lover. He was actually an okay guy. The kid was cute too. My choice for best line of the story:
This is probably a 3.5 I guess. I didn't dislike it and it had a different premise with the somewhat sentient plants but it seemed to move fast and wasn't that spectacular in storyline. It is okay as a rental if you just want to read an okay story with little drama.
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