User Reviews For: The First Thing My Little Brother Ever Begged For [Plus Bonus Page And Renta!-Only Bonus]


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lalelala Rating
There are stories about the main couple on the cover and a chapter on another couple. Cute and fluffy overall but the art style seems borderline shota to me. This is not a shota story as I believe the couples are at least teenagers or adults (hence no shota tag). If this is your preferred art style go for it, but if you prefer more mature or manly concept art this is not it.
AlexiaNightray Rating
I signed yo at renta just to found out how this story ended. I love these two brothers ; A; i wish there was vol 3.
Bigsmilezrina Rating
All i can say is..They're so cute!!! And it was sexy.What i like was that the couples here wasn't forced. It had always been mutual.
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