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It has a rushed beginning but its so cute as you read on. If you like smut more than story but still has a hint of cute, i think this is perfect. Its just the beginning but at vol 2.. it slows down to focus on their relationship/feelings.
Its kinda cute. I must say the first part or original crush of his made me mad af. It was so angsty. My heart hurts.But the story is cute. The art is nice too. I love this mangaka's works. I look forward fto the next chapters.
All i can say is..They're so cute!!! And it was sexy.What i like was that the couples here wasn't forced. It had always been mutual.
This turned out to be so unexpected.I really did not expect how sweet it turned.. especially even the matter of her ex afterwards. I thought exes would turn up and cause hell and turmoil. But it stayed focus on the two and for a brief second, you do see both of them change. I liked this one a lot. I recommend this read.I tend to hate super nice heroines and tsundere dudes.. but i oddly was feeling this. The fc is really sweet and a good girl; also persistent but not bad persistent compared to most fc in manga that tries too too (scarily) hard. The guy was.. of course damaged and too cruel most times but his first love was a horrible person. Hes able to be civil and kind. Although.. he is a tsundere nonetheless. Butttt truly a good dude.
Omgomgomg!! This is so cute and unexpected. Like the seme is the little cutie and the uke is the cool, tall one.Must say.. the art is good too. The story, the characters, the intimate moments... i loveee it!! Its worth the buy. I love this one
It looks pretty interesting. I'm looking forward in seeing where it goes. The art isn't bad and my lord.. the mc dude is hott.
This was so hot and yet cute. But cute in the way of the two main character loving each other. I wish there was more though.
It is worth the read. Not spicy lol butttt its mighty sweet and cute.
I was skeptical at first but god!! This is so good. I can't wait for the next releases!! Its so funny and cute. And most of all.. god dang hot. It was steamy hot. My heart ached lolPlease release the next part soon!
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