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larzola Rating
It's what you expect. But it was a great read
Weeb4Life Rating
It starts off pretty clich辿 with the usual misunderstandings, but once things finally reach boiling point and there's a huge fallout, the story finally picks up and really shines. Sarah is also at her best from then on, both as an interesting character and as a singer fittingly enough! Seriously, her reaction to the Big Reveal is epic. During the first part, Bastiaan spends that whole time thinking Sarah is a gold-digger while Sarah is torn between her dream of being an opera singer and her feelings for Bastiaan which get in the way of that. Their chemistry is very lacklustre imo, though there are some cute scenes with them simply enjoying being together even while acknowledging that they don't know anything about each other. After the Big Reveal though, there's a lot more emotion and they finally feel like a real couple and their love feels more genuine. I'm glad that at least the ending is great since it left me really happy and satisfied with their HEA.
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