User Reviews For: Once a Week Just Isn't Enough! [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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MoonKitsune Rating
The stories are really rushed and have no real build up. Kinda jerky in how quick you go from one scene to another. Everything is broken between many stories with different characters and not all of them have a conclusion.
pretear15 Rating
The art was nice and its got good smut scenes but there isnt much for story on the main one. Some of the one shots at the end were cute though.
Liskyfox Rating
Very fasted paced (not a bad thing in many cases, but this manga doesn't really utilize it or fit with the pace) and could of been written better. This was one the most boring yaoi s I've read sadly. I love drama, typical yaoi plots, and cute scenes, I can appreciate the complex, but also the simple and saying that, the only thing that I'd say is good is the art and the amount of sex scenes. Everything else is meh and I have some pretty low standards.
hloo12 Rating
The stories are And the characters are stupid I really regret buying it
JDarkFang Rating
I liked the first story in this series but the last two mini stories caught me and now I'm dying to know what happened next.
malewifeyjh Rating
Stories is quite short but simple. The characters are likable. I just wish it was longer.
Lopez2763 Rating
It was a good read.
Dee9767 Rating
I really liked this one
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