User Reviews For: I Can't Help But Love Him. [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] [VertiComix]


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Nyanko Rating
One of my favorites! I enjoyed the chemistry and dynamic between the main characters, and the fact that their personalities don't fit the usual romance tropes. The female lead is more confident in her sexuality and emotions than the male lead, and their initial encounter is a fun read. She doesn't dither about how she's not worthy, and in fact revels in flouting norms based on gender and class. He may be a star at work, but she's no slouch either - her skills are recognized and drive a few plot points. They are open about their relationship once its established, so the sitcom-like antics in the workplace are not a dominant theme, which helps focus the story on how they relate to each other. I already purchased the manga in its entirety, but I prefer VertiComix, so I'm buying these as well. I had some issues with the art, as the art style makes male lead's nose look like the nasal cavity on a skull to me. A fun read, definitely worth a look.
ggbbkkk Rating
That was not bad but very plain comparing to other love mangas. I kinda regret buying it cause there were not very steamy scenes.
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