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Weeb4Life Rating
I'm honestly appalled by how bad this is. Spoilers ahead but don't buy this anyway. Seriously. It starts off with clich辿 Romeo&Juliet young lovers torn apart by their families, with added pregnancy+stillbirth for extra tragedy. But big twist, baby was kidnapped at birth by boy's family and girl was lied to about her baby dying! WTF?! No story, I am NOT ok with this! Pattie has spent the last 14 YEARS grieving for her "dead" daughter, who's been raised as another b!tch's kid, while Spence has been adventuring around the world because he's too much of a coward to try to get back with his OTL (the ONLY nice part in all this is that he's remained faithful to her all this time). There's more stupidity here (side character drama, no emotional payoff bc immediate resolution with no repercussions, creepy romance with the kids) but I'm too revolted by the baby kidnapping to be too upset by the lesser evils of this dumpster fire. Don't buy this, buy literally anything but this.
kali86 Rating
That art is worth the read and I have a weakness for secret babies.
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