User Reviews For: Intertwined with My Stepbrother, Loved by a Beast.


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Vivichi Rating
Great first chapter! Although it was kinda rushed, the things happened too fast and her brother just appeared out of nowhere, but i still find it pretty interesting. I can't wait to find out more about this handsome CEO!
FunNaughty Rating
A much better story than the other few mangas I have read...Sex does not equal love though Readers
LettuceGarden04 Rating
It has a pretty decent plot. Best thing about this is the supporting side characters. You see no bitchy rivals here and all those melodrama cliches that try to tear this couple apart, which is a nice surprise. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was there was something missing with the sex, but it's not too bad though- at least they do more positions than the girl just laying there XD
kleinehime Rating
I didn't like the story. Sexual abuse and sex without consent aren't good tropes. Also, the pacing wasn't the best.
twilight Rating
Typical brother and sister duo. Only read two chapters to see the good stuff and how the relationship will develop but looks like it's gonna be a s&m one even though the sister is older she seems more like the type to just bend over period without saying no. Meanwhile the younger brother is playing the hard to show his emotions card. So sounds like a lot of miscommunication which will result in more lovey dovey scenes to them ending up together and overcoming society standards on relationships.
Vampiro83 Rating
Interesting twist of fate...