User Reviews For: The Voluptuous Guy!


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Alyssianrei Rating
The beginning wasn't really my taste but it had some wholesomeness near the end and it was a sweet ending. The gender bending was kinda strange but it made more sense than most others. Pretty good overall!!
Zenaku Rating
Very funny and cute story. Enjoyable to read.
yoraphcool Rating
Really good story, the beginning was a little akward, but the ending was all worth it :) The only part that felt weird to me was:SPOILERThe shrine part of the story, it would have been a lot better if he decided by himself to become a girl again by going back to the shrine a third time instead of changing back without reason.Still a very good story :)
megg Rating
Its a simple, easy gender bender story. As a previous reviewer stated it gets "wholesome" later into the story. Although I do have a small problem with the issue of gender vs sex that the story tries to bring up.
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