User Reviews For: The Voluptuous Guy!


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Alyssianrei Rating
The beginning wasn't really my taste but it had some wholesomeness near the end and it was a sweet ending. The gender bending was kinda strange but it made more sense than most others. Pretty good overall!!
yoraphcool Rating
Really good story, the beginning was a little akward, but the ending was all worth it :) The only part that felt weird to me was:SPOILERThe shrine part of the story, it would have been a lot better if he decided by himself to become a girl again by going back to the shrine a third time instead of changing back without reason.Still a very good story :)
megg Rating
Its a simple, easy gender bender story. As a previous reviewer stated it gets "wholesome" later into the story. Although I do have a small problem with the issue of gender vs sex that the story tries to bring up.
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