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Mrsmangame123 Rating
What a strange story. That ending kinda killed this story for me. I liked the fluffy shoujo artwork. It was cute. I like gender swap and isetai plots. What I didn't care for (spoilerish) is Tacao's real soul going to heaven and then Takao being all oh well, better for meeeeeee!!! That was just kinda sad to me. Maybe I would have liked it more if he returned to his original body and Takeru would be with him regardless of gender since he fell in love with the
Amollion Rating
Thought this was a really sweet story and would have loved if there was more of it, like how she adjusted to a new college and new family. But it fills me with good feels reading this.
Faris14 Rating
Well, first of all I like the artstlye this manga has. It has cute drawings and and I love the shojo theme. So right of the bat, you probably had seen other people review but the ending is way to rush. The mc kinda like yeah I can spend time with him more etc. To tell you the truth, I can totally see this manga have a decent 3 volume at least with the girl in the guy's body and then somehow there's a rival and then there's also other people who got their soul swap too. I don't know its just my opinion. Then again, I have a knack with this whole body swap thing so I may be biased with my rating but if you guys have some money to spend, really recommend you guys to check the manga.
prototigre Rating
Personally, I think the story is a bit on the short side. Which is my main gripe with the story. It really feels a bit rushed towards the end in my opinion. With that being said, I really think the story has great potential. I really like our main MC. If you want to read a simple, but cute love story dealing with a gender-swap event, This is it! Crossing my fingers for a sequel! (
xenomdoll5 Rating
Uh this was cute by the ending was kind of crappy. Like a girl was literally sent to heaven on accident and is dead but it's a happy ending because Takao gets to stay in her body lol that's kind of wacky.
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