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ebookrenta07h73plqo Rating
Can't wait for ch 10!
TheDarkAce Rating
RuukaMizu Rating
Just what I needed, love it !! A REALLY good Omegaverse story ??
yuicaty9 Rating
There is no loss in read it, as always the mangaka brings us a fun and super sexy story. Two alphas and an omega, childhood friends in which love develops to the point of obsession. Fantastic.
fireapples Rating
love this manga, got hooked after the first chapter and ended up buying the rest. the art is also very nice and sexy.
dragonbride90 Rating
This is a great manga for those who love the twist and turns of omegas and alpha's
YukiJudai Rating
Couldn't resist buying after reading the first chapter. Really enjoyed this and it's interesting that there's something going on with the two semes too (you can find a dj on them at the Mangaka's pixiv) which kinda explains some things between them that they do.
Mixie Rating
This is an interesting and unique manga with great dynamics between the leading trio: pervert-seme Kouetsu, puppy-seme Ginga, and reluctant uke Yuuzen. It's a triangle drama where even the two alphas are often kissing and the omega is very alpha-like outside of estrus. It's more smut than romance, which can be good or bad depending on what you like. The storyline itself is so-so and there are some weird sports, but the art is good and the frequent sex scenes (both 2P and 3P) top notch.(Note: As of chapter 9, the story is starting to round out, but it's not finished yet.)
rubesties Rating
I usually hate omegaverse, but I'm obsessed with this one....amazinggg
Firefly05 Rating
Love it!
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