User Reviews For: There's No Way This Is Fate


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Darkstarre Rating
Ok shows promise. Definitely gotta see where this goes.
G3tsmart Rating
Oh my god soooo good next story, please
gummyfoxes Rating
pretty hot, the later chs now seem slightly more plotty, not sure if i'm totally sold on the story yet but i'll prob still read
suppinel Rating
Imo, The sex is hot and steamy in ch1. If you are looking for another threesome omegaverse story, you can add this one to your collection . One seme had sadistic tendecy, while the other is milder but still wild in the bed, the uke comes as bratty and conceited in the first place but become so cute in the end. I enjoyed his predicament (the uke) so far for his circumstances. Really hoping for more to come.
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