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cutpup10 Rating
its really good and heart touching i would definitely recommend
Weeb4Life Rating
Fairly clich辿 plot, Dominic and Victoria were deeply hurt by both their partners and their families and in a moment of special weakness they comfort each other together, with a baby being the result. What I really appreciate is how both leads get a good amount of time to bond and even date before the pregnancy is discovered, meaning their relationship isn't based solely on the baby like most examples of this trope, these two have genuine chemistry and they explore it like actual, mature adults. What I appreciate a lot less is how Dominic's cheating ex and his traitorous brother are made out to be in the right and good people, despite their betrayal and lies. In any other story they'd be properly vilified yet here they never even apologise to Dominic, instead he apologises to them! Unforgivable! At least the leads' romance was centre stage and properly developed.
Ven1284 Rating
Amazing story and very heartwarming. Loved it. :-)