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Dae093 Rating
Oh my goodness I need more !! The art is pretty and I like the story so far, I can't wait to see Chiaki's reactions to everything. When is the next volume coming out?!?!
Kachigo009 Rating
Cute and simple. Of course, the relationship is not appropriate as it's a teacher and student. But enjoy it. The feeling are pure and the relationship is not toxic. They communicate and that's a key in relationship.
Riza Rating
I really want to give this manga more of a 4.5, but I loved the characters though the teacher/student trope is cliché. Their changes and realizations about their feelings felt realistic, even though the story overall is kinda fast-paced. I also kind of wanted a little more drama, but if you want a uke with a slightly tragic backstory and a relentless adorable seme, look no further!
Wolfie Rating
The first chapter of the manga wasn't the worst I've read, the way mr,chiba knew that the other wouldn't blackmail him was surprising though
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