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LadyFlame Rating
I've read all 7 parts of the colour vertix version currently published, and had just a peek at the manga version, so I don't spoil the story for myself too much. Although it's not a sex-fest, the story has me totally hooked, and it looks like things will only get more interesting!! The main characters are just plain adorable, the more I read, the more I like them. I shall definitely be continuing reading, and since the manga currently has 11 chapters and is still ongoing,, that means a least a total of 22 vertex chapters... Can't wait!!
angelia Rating
I like it can't wait for more
MaryAn12 Rating
This was so entertaining! It's cute and adorable, with some sprinkles of hot! I love the characters and I'm loving the story. Volume 1 was wonderful and left me with many questions - I can't wait for the next volume!
buttonz Rating
So sweet. I meant to only read the first chapter, but I wound up devouring the whole thing at once.
Solanyn Rating
I like it! Very funny ?
rilynn Rating
Ahhh! I ran out of ones to read =( I was actually shocked and surprised hen the page redirected me and said there wasn't any left. This was so good! Im completely absorbed in this, I hope its not too long of a wait *fidget* Its so adorable Im super excited for more. Its got just the right amount of shyness and spicy =)
SereneVirus Rating
I am enjoying this slow burn romance!
ebookrenta0mvsdzdf5 Rating
A cute read.Good pricing as well, both the leads don't have major problems in their character like many manga usually.
JFaye0213 Rating
I wish they sold the set as a whole. This is an interesting story that leaves though more curious with each book.
Blackpanthere Rating
Belle story!!! J'attends la suite avec impatience.
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