User Reviews For: Miyabi's Four Engagements


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MissMisaSoup Rating
Steamy, has lots to look forward too. The MC is cute too?
itme93 Rating
Love it like it! The heroin got all type of perfect husband..tsundere, clam, charming, just up to her to pick which one will be official husband...
Saku Rating
I love this one a lot. Art style, heroine and the 4 guys. How different they are amd how different they approach the heroine. Cant wait for more!!!
KrissyG411 Rating
Such cute art!!!
AigooDantat Rating
Very steamy right off the bat. The MC is cute and all the guys are hot. Although what made her like that on the first night though
EllEy Rating
i really love it should read ><
Minnie689 Rating
Great art and decent reverse harm story so far. I feel like I know who she will end up with since (despite her initial reaction to him) she made her preference known super early in the story. It still will be interesting learning about the other characters and how they fall in love with her. I ship her with another character who I hope who she'll end up with but I know it will never be (T-T)
Bigsmilezrina Rating
The guys are hot. Girl's cute and likable. The art is beautiful. The scenes were hot as hell. I'm glad that it still has story/plot and some character development about the guys. I cant wait for the chapters to comee
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