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MissMisaSoup Rating
Steamy, has lots to look forward too. The MC is cute too?
ngelzzz Rating
The art is actually very nice and the characters all look good, but I don't see the point of making the mc engaged to four guys if she immediately falls for one guy in just a few chapters. It feels like the other guys are non-existent. Readers aren't given the freedom to fantasize who they want the mc to be with, so it's a let down for me. It is steamy and enjoyable, but not a 5 star for me.
Ricelily Rating
I was curious about the story but it should be retitled: “Miyabi's Four Engagements: Kaito's Route” cause that's essentially what it is. I'm not sure if the author will come out with later volumes for each suitor but the other three didn't stand a chance. Okay, now from the artistic review. This could've have been a sexy experiment. Ripe for some sexy threesomes or foursomes or full on rapture service but missed the mark. Another saucy manga that jumps right into the sexy time and leaves the plot much to be desired. The artwork is lovely and easy on the eyes, if you're in it for the love making scenes. It's worth renting if you want to see where the ridiculous plot is going and that's okay.
AigooDantat Rating
Very steamy right off the bat. The MC is cute and all the guys are hot. Although what made her like that on the first night though
DanmeiBox Rating
I'm waiting for 5p or at least 3p but we have nothing in here. A little bit disappointed.
itme93 Rating
Love it like it! The heroin got all type of perfect husband..tsundere, clam, charming, just up to her to pick which one will be official husband...
Saku Rating
I love this one a lot. Art style, heroine and the 4 guys. How different they are amd how different they approach the heroine. Cant wait for more!!!
Hyenaspark6 Rating
The art is pretty to look at but there really is no point in having all of these characters if she already picks the guy she wants so early on in the story. They might as well not even be there. I was actually disappointed with this one.
Liljunie Rating
It's a reverse harem but the author is pushing a particular Canon pretty hard. Nice fluffy read though
KrissyG411 Rating
Such cute art!!!
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