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I love a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it, likewise if her partner is a good, encouraging boy on the street and equally nasty in the sheets. The sultry eye gazing just kills me in the best kind of way. I'm all for it and I can't wait to read more.
The sample got me. I thought I was in for a silly rom com but it wasn't quite that. Stayed for the art but it's a skeleton plot. The neck-breaking fast pace is jarring and distracting, it's trying so hard to hit the key points of the story's outline while throwing in sexy time. I wish there was a better build up. If you really wanna read it, I recommend renting this one.
Was this manga made just for me?! I can't believe no one has reviewed this refreshing gem but I am honored to be the first.As a fellow “dried-up” single, myself. I can totally relate to the protagonist's fears of not meeting “milestones” by societal standards at that age. The chemistry between protag and love interest is hilarious as it is deliciously sweet. He even got my heart melting. Will this give me the courage to have my own Love Rehab?!It's rare to find a mature romance that is more shoujo than iro (hentai). It's the kind of slow burn that you know the pay off will be well worth the wait. Get a taste, take the risk, and remember age is just a number and marriage is simply a contract.
This was a great find. Sae and the Twins are adorable. I do like a set of mischievous twins, especially in a love scenario. As of this review, there are 3 chapters and I'm looking forward to more!
Such a funny, adorable, and sexy couple. If you love the shipping dynamics of Naive sweetheart and their Closet perv significant other, this is for you.
I love sharks, I love shark boys even more. This was a great find and the characters have great chemistry despite their “sudden” meeting. I'm curious as to how this “transformation” will unfold as the story goes on. Anyway, I'm excited to read more and make shark babies!
As of this post, I've read all 6 available chapters and I want more, please! This is a really cute and well paced story, great chemistry between the characters, and of course, spicy spicy foreplay. This series seriously puts the “sensual” in consensual… :D
Sexy and refreshing! I love a man who's tentative to his lover and respectful of their boundaries. He doesn't force himself on her because his “manly” urges get the better of him or judgment. For once, the female lead has a balanced dynamic of their strengths and weaknesses; not just weakness. I only read two chapters but damn, I'm loving it. I know that many young people are terrified of their thirties thinking it's some sort of “expiration date”/ “best by (date)” of their (love) lives but in fact that's when life really starts to pick up. (At least, for me). This manga gives me that vibe and I can't wait to read more.
Nothing heals the soul better than being blessed with another continuation from Niyama-sensei. As long as there are stories about this adorable couple, I'll be here to read them.
Don't be fooled by the ass-in-your-face cover art, there's an actual, well-paced plot-driven story behind it. The style kinda gives off this early 2000s angst that was randomly cooked up from Seventh Sanctum but given a well thought out story by a gifted fanfic writer. The biggest praise I can give is that the sex scenes came off as cinematic love scenes rather than pornographic. Still steamy but also intimate bonding between the characters.If you're in the mood for love and drama, give this guy a go.