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Great pacing for a short story! The situation is so ridiculous but it works well. The characters goals appear one dimensional but they got great chemistry. I'd like to read more of their sexy adventures but I think there's enough meat on the bones for the reader to fill in the gaps of their own headcanons so it's perfect as it is.
It was supposed to be a fling but it pulled right in. I rented the first chapter and then the rest; then I bought the whole thing lol I don't wanna spoil anything so I encourage readers to give it a shot.
More 3.5 Stars. I rented both this and "After Hours" but I much prefer the latter. I'm probably just burned out from the whole high school scenario but this had it's moments. The premise is pretty much what you'd expect from a high school romantic comedy and it felt somewhat rushed in some areas. I'm not a huge fan of shouta-looking tops but I see the appeal.
I rented both "Princess Top" and "After Hours" and I very much prefer this one between the two. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of an overly shouta-looking top; but I thought both couples were very well written and balanced. The first couple dynamic is pretty cute and have excellent chemistry. The pacing of their relationship felt natural and very mature. The second couple I felt was more of the "safe-space" that the artist is used to but they made the effort to give them a mature approach which I can totally dig. I hope the artist continues to grow and explore more dynamics as a storyteller.
This is a quick, smutty read. The characters are a bit one dimensional but they have potential if given the chance. The story is written like a one-shot h****i where things tend to escalate quickly. Personally, I rented the series for 48hrs and it's good enough for me.
I had my reservations about this one; (not into the whole furry thing), but curiosity got the better of me and this time it was a HIT! The characters are intriguing and the whole backstory is interesting, too. It's very promising and I'm really looking forward to the next chapter(s).
This series gives me strength!!! So beautifully written and paced, I just can't get enough. It's work like this that reminds me why I do comics too.
It's pretty cute, I miss the freakishly strong sweet girl, the art lovely and the story is pretty captivating.
Another promising title! The art is beautiful and expressive; the characters are adorable too. I have a soft spot for angelic boys with a nasty side.
Refreshing, cute, and sexy. It gets better with every chapter!
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