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gerald2019 Rating
Art is great and enjoyed the story
Shiichan Rating
Still a better story than Twilight though.
Hiharu Rating
Oh give me a break... It's so stupid. It's somthing like Twighlight... If you are a teenager who love this kind of fairythales, you will also love this...
Onigiri Rating
Highly recommended. This title is an excellent read for anyone: whether you're already into Harlequin romances or you feel that they're not your thing because of the story lines that typically involve rich guys and babies. I personally read yaoi most of the time, but I'll foray into Harlequin titles every once in a while. As long as you're OK with diving into a world with vampires, the story has some depth, there's character development, and the art is truly gorgeous.
kkani Rating
I'm usually one that goes for a little different in the artwork but the storyline was pretty solid maybe love it baby cry it made me want to read more so you get all the Stars this time in good job
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