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Gushi Rating
the story was good but too short! Nothing happened between the two of them! I expected a little bit more romance, kisses
Weeb4Life Rating
A touching slowburn romance, with two very different people who slowly get to know each other and eventually fall in love, w/o unnecessary conflicts or bad guys. Jane is so completely enamoured with her work that she has no interest in anything else (besides her only sister ofc), let alone some arrogant, selfish, proud, womanising sheikh. She's so genuinely and unashamedly uninterested in Zayed that it drives him up the wall, since he's so used to women throwing themselves at him. Both leads must meet each other halfway and work together, during which they come to understand each other and see a new side to the other (and themselves), gradually becoming friends, then falling in love. I admire how honest and sincere Jane is, she doesn't hide her feelings, nor her past, and she's very blunt with her words. She's definitely an admirable person and a wonderful queen, Zayed's a lucky man.
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