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MountainBuck Rating
Enough mystery to draw one into the next chapter.
Parallel Rating
I really enjoyed this!
gold3322 Rating
An odd title. I loved the art, especially the design of the androgenous uke. I saw that character design and I had to read it. But I just couldn't get into the story. There's an Alice-like mysteriousness to the world that my logical brain just can't sink into. This is a world where most people are dual sexed (trance) and some are single sexed (permanence). The people who never change sexes are rare and held in high regard by society. Conceptually, I love that idea. Gender conformation is valued and demanded by society, but how many people actually fit that? But this story doesn't truly feel like it embodies this idea. It's too...floaty. There's also an Isekai aspect of not knowing the world or your own body. Writing this review, I feel like I should love this title but the manga is just...not there. Art & Designs 5/5. Concept 5/5. Concept Execution 2/5. Personal Enjoyment 1/5. Some warnings: there is a bullying lover and a dub-con.
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