User Reviews For: I'm an Omega and It's All My Fault


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eskinner Rating
Beautiful story. Great character development, and it flowers smoothly. Highly recommend.
Raven Rating
This is a really cute story! It does move at a faster pace but that doesn't effect how well the story is told. There are some sexy moments but not so much that it takes away from what is going on. I highly recommend this if you are looking for a feel good story.
mhuang162 Rating
This was super cute! It wasn't full on smut, and there was some plot as well. The character development and story felt a little rushed, especially the ending. I was curious on how Sousei's parents felt about the whole omega bond thing, but that wasn't touched on in the manga. Overall, I really enjoyed it!
Liskyfox Rating
I feel like there could of been more drama and a more satisfying pace, (the characters are nothing new) but I quite enjoyed the later volumes. If you came for classic yaoi this will do the job fine.
Rosemarie77 Rating
Super good want the brothers to have a story and artica too
miesa Rating
Super cute, yet super sexy at the same. It will.hibe you feels in your heart AND your pants!
alexionash Rating
really liked this. felt really well developed
Love801 Rating
It was sweet, is there more? I could really love it if it had more. But it was good with what i read, kinda want more
azhland Rating
Love the art
EveryxOtherxThing Rating
I love the story so far. its quick pasted but doen't seem like their intimacy was force at all. cant wait for the next part
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