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*holds hand out greedily* can I have some more please!!
So this was NOT what I was expecting. I thought I'd be grossed out because some people said that the seme likes little kid private parts but he doesn't. He just like urks soft privates. Not once does this manga reference anything Shota related because they were the same age. And everything is consensual. The smut is A1 and the character development is great. It's a must read if you're into obsessive couples and
Yes, yes, yes! Soooooo good.
My heart cries for how good this was. I wish there were more sexy scenes thats my only draw back but I'd five this !0 stars if I could
1-5 awesome chapter 6 legit made my heart flutter. I need more!
This is supper cute and I literally live for the canine teeth
Buy it read it and read it again. No stereotypical tropes here. The urk is top stuff and the sisters are bad to the bone. Loved it
Super cute already excited for the next chapters. Hope the kids get a story
Super good want the brothers to have a story and artica too
Lol the was comical and sweet! A good read. Loved the spin
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