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Weeb4Life Rating
Wonderful story with wonderful characters. Tiffany is one of my fav FL ever, she's pure and sweet, yet fierce and courageous, her face when she tells Rafiq she wants nothing to do with him after he first proposes to her is epic, dayum. She also has a backbone (and keeps it!) and NEVER lets the guy boss her around, if only to be a good role-model for her kid. Gotta respect a lady who stands up for herself. Rafiq is no slouch either, he's endearingly arrogant while trying to win over his lady, but is very sincere in wanting to make their marriage work. He's also very supportive of Tif and always encourages her whenever her insecurities get the better of her. They both become better, stronger, happier people just by being together, and they both contribute equally to their relationship, which makes them a perfect couple. True love at its finest and a HEA well deserved.
ebooklove3093 Rating
A wonderful love story.
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