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ladyserai Rating
The art is very pretty (1 star) and I like gorgeous male characters (2 star) but that's about it. The story/plot is pretty mindless so if you want something mindless it's an easy read. Other than that it's a typical love interest story.
Oltrepassassi Rating
Beautiful art, and that's the only reason this gets even 1 star. There was nothing to the story, didn't even feel like I read anything substantial that would equal a story.
xryska Rating
Well I liked it. The art was exquisite, but I liked its pace. It was modern, and not old fashion. Also a very nice presentation of Greece (and I know, I am Greek after all). Well I must just add that Greek men are not really into marrying virgin women (that was happening many years before) but I must point out that even in the manga while it is mentioned the male mc does not expect it. Come to Greece for a great holiday
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