Oltrepassassi's Reviews & Ratings

There wasn't really any romance. It was more of a mystery with lovely art.
This one was meh. The guy was a jerk, the girl was weak, and then he decides to be better but goofs that up. I didn't care for either character and the art was okay, but not the greatest.
None of this made any sense, including the romance. There wasn't any back story so you come into the story completely confused, and never learn about it. A bunch of random events happen and somehow characters fall in love. I have no idea what I just read.
Beautiful art, but it was a sprint from finish to end. The characters lacked depth, the romance came out of nowhere, it didn't flow.
I was really disappointed with this bundle. The first story was just so- so, and there last two were dreadfully boring with okay and then mediocre art. Wouldn't recommend any of these bundled or separate.
I loved this story. Beautiful art, more steamy scenes than the typical harlequin, and dealing with past relationships. It was beautiful and heartfelt. I loved it!
This story fails to explain things, like why she suddenly lost her memory, or what her husband was doing for 2 years.
The Count was a sleazy man and the story was rushed so his character development had little impact. The entire story felt dry and the characters didn't seem to have any chemistry. I wouldn't recommend this one.
It was a lovely story, but the artwork was not the best. I'm glad I read it, but visually it's not appealing.
If you enjoy slow novels that lack romance and chemistry, this is the one for you!