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bdryburgh Rating
Saw Momoki's art seems a little more...pointy? Than others, but it's a minimalist style that I really like. The story tends to be pretty typical of the genre; the main conflict is with Ikuto's own insecurities. Although Eiji's manager and both men's families have a part to play. 5 stars because I really love Kashima-kun and want to see it here on Renta!
bethbethbeth Rating
This is so dull... There's no plot and barely any stakes. Any potential issues are sorted immediately and conflict is always resolved within pages. The MCs don't really fight or find themselves at odds. Nothing happens!I didn't mind the art style but the sex was awful. There are moments where they're clearly supposed to be having sex together, but their hips are at least a foot apart due to bad anatomy. Give it a miss.
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