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Weeb4Life Rating
Bland, clich辿 and by-the-numbers; I've read so many Hq mangas that this just doesn't cut it for me anymore, especially with so many of my pet peeves. Jo is probably the highlight, starting off very proactive, feisty and appropriately furious with Theo, though after he finds out about Toby and has him brought over, she loses much of her fire and shows her caring motherly side instead. By contrast Theo is very reactive and has little personality, with his clich辿 issues feeling very Disney princess-ish. He also doesn't convey his feelings and internal revelations to Jo at all and only the reader is privy to his thoughts, meaning that from Jo's POV Theo goes from calling her a fling to suddenly proposing to her! He never proves his love! He bonds exclusively with his stereotype of a son, leaving his relationship with Jo largely unchanged. To top it off, the conflict regarding him having to marry royalty is resolved insultingly easily due to Jo being distantly related to British royalty.
slashthedragon Rating
I don't what happened most of the page is missing and is in Japanese words so I couldn't read of the pages.
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