User Reviews For: Hybrid Stardust [VertiComix]


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nyamcam Rating
Reminds me of Pretty Woman on account of a rich guy paying someone down on their luck for sex...only to fall in love with them! It's alright, has it's cute moments and a pretty "aww" ending. (I especially like stories where the cool, carefree and confident guy is the one that crushes the hardest by the end, so that was fun!)The only downside is that story-wise, it's rather small and surface-level. But that makes for a quick feel-good story anyways, so hey!
BlueSounds Rating
The story so far is pretty good.
Kellisca Rating
This story is everything I was looking for! I love Taizo and Kiyoto. I was looking for a good age gap power bottom story and I found it. Thank you Unohana for creating it. <3