User Reviews For: Beating the Heroine at Her Own Game


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sanerabiedcat Rating
I really like where the story is going. It's cute.
Dia Rating
Cute !!! And fluffy! But it seems that it might have some plot as it avances.
Renner Rating
Cute and typical isekai romance. A fun read.
BunnyUsagi Rating
It's such a cute manga … the only problem is its a continuous of one problem after another - the problems are repititious but as i mentioned it is a cute manga. I hope to know more!
Jun Rating
Same as other isekai trope manga. Definitely a lighthearted read--and one that's a good way to pass time.
LogisticSDreams Rating
It's cute, a little too fast paced, but I feel like that's on par of what you get on this site.
YumeHime0 Rating
So cute and fluffy FL ?The stories getting so good that it's a shame that I binged the whole bundle ?Looking forward to seeing what comes next
stargirl Rating
I like the plot and charterers. I would love to see more of the story.
Jerrica Rating
Interesting first chapter. It's a common story line, but enjoyable nonetheless.
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