User Reviews For: Huh!? You're Doing Me? -I Got Totally Screwed by a Guy in Women's Clothing.-


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PennyDreadful Rating
This is a trap crossdressing story. The main character learns he might desire men after a one night stand with a trap. If you don't like that kind of story, this won't be your thing. I really like it so far, and am looking forward to where it's heading and I like the art.
KawaiiFujoshi4 Rating
love the art!! excited to see how the story unfolds! ???
Yuki5662 Rating
It's so sweet and fluffy~ but sadly so short TvT I love the fact that joe is so submissive and obey everything he's been told >w< must PROTEC him!
Inolicious Rating
Love the art style, plot.. i wish we have more crossdressing content from this creator
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