User Reviews For: Huh!? You're Doing Me? -I Got Totally Screwed by a Guy in Women's Clothing.-


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PennyDreadful Rating
This is a trap crossdressing story. The main character learns he might desire men after a one night stand with a trap. If you don't like that kind of story, this won't be your thing. I really like it so far, and am looking forward to where it's heading and I like the art.
KawaiiFujoshi4 Rating
love the art!! excited to see how the story unfolds! ???
ebookrenta0987dos57 Rating
Needs more, really good but too short
SilverDragon1211 Rating
Loved it! Just wished it had one more chapter
Yuki5662 Rating
It's so sweet and fluffy~ but sadly so short TvT I love the fact that joe is so submissive and obey everything he's been told >w< must PROTEC him!
Inolicious Rating
Love the art style, plot.. i wish we have more crossdressing content from this creator
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